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Warranty Guidelines


This agreement describes the coverage You will have under Your Mechanical Repair Service Contract (hereafter referred to as "Service Contract"). In return for payment by Service Contract Price and subject to all the terms of this Service Contract, We agree with You as follows:

I. WHAT THIS SERVICE CONTRACT COVERS Coverage - During the Service Contract Period We will pay a Repair Facility, or at Our option, reimburse You the Cost to remedy an Breakdown of parts listed below, less Per Occurrence. Parts not list are not covered by this Service Contract.

At the Administrator's option, replacement parts used in covered repairs may include new, remanufactured, used or non-original equipment manufactured parts. All parts will conform to manufacture's specifications.

1. ENGINE - Cylinder block, cylinder heads and all internal parts including: pistons, piston pins, piston rings, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft and main bearings, carnshaft and lifters/followers (lifters or followers which have not failed and only require cleaning are not covered), intake and exhaust valves, push rods, rocker arm shafts, rocker arms, timing drive components including timing chains/belts (timing chain or belt which is being changed as part of the manufacture's preventive maintenance schedule, is not covered). Valve train covers, intake and exhaust manifolds, flywheel, oil pump, and oil pan. Internal engine sensors. Cylinder head gaskets and intake manifold gaskets are covered for coolant leaks only.

2. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - Case and all internal parts including: planetary gear systems, clutch and steel packs, clutch drums, bands, internal seals, pump, valve body, internal sensors and internal solenoids, and overunning or one way clutch assemblies, Torque coverter and the torque converter housing.

3. STANDARD TRANSMISSION - Case and all internal parts, including: input shaft, output shaft, idler shafts, main shaft, all internal gears, shift forks, and synchronizer assemblies. Any internal solenoids or sensors. Standard transmission clutch assemblies, linkages, and hydraulic clutch units are not covered.

4. DIFFERENTIAL - Front or rear differential housing and all internal parts. Drive Shaft, universal joints, and front axle joints. Transfer case on four wheel drive vehicles and all internal parts.

5. COOLING SYSTEM - Fan and fan clutch. Electric radiator fan motor, water pump.

6. STEERING - Steering gear, rack and pinion assembly, and all internal parts. Power steering cooler and lines.

7. SUSPENSION - Front or rear springs, which are broken or worn beyond manufacturer's specifications. Control arms and ball joints.

8. BRAKES - All brake components, including all components of the anti-lock brake system, including: wheel cylinders, front or rear calipers, brake springs, pins, and hardware kits, wheel speed sensors (sensors damaged by bad wheel bearings are not covered), brake hoses, brake lines, brake combination or proportioning valves, master cylinders, ABS pump, ABS module, ABS hydraulic unit, ABS hydraulic control unit, ABS accumulator. Brake linings, pads, rotors and drums are NOT covered.

9. ELECTRICAL - Alternator, voltage regulator, windshield wiper motor and starter motor, power window motors, power seat motors, and power door lock actuators.

10. RENTAL CAR - Twenty five dollars ($25.00) per eight hours of authorized flat rate time to repair or replace a covered component with a maximum of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). Any delays caused by unavailability of parts, shipping of parts, repair facility scheduling, or any other delays do not qualify for rental reimbursement.

11. TOWING - If your vehicle must be towed because a covered component has failed, towing to the nearest qualified repair facility is covered up to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00).

12. LABOR - Labor charges are based on industry accepted flat rate time to replace a covered component up to sixty-five dollars ($65.00) per hour.